Services & Pricing

Our massage is a relaxing and therapeutic blend of Swedish, Deep Tissue, and NMT used to relieve muscle fatigue and pain, and increase range of motion and circulation, while decreasing adhesions and scar tissue.

30 Minutes $55 or 45 Minutes $75

Customized massage treatment for isolated problems.

i.e. Neck and Shoulder focus.

60 Minutes $90 or 75 Minutes $110

Full body massage to relax; or upper body focus to work and release tension in muscles where stress accumulates.

90 Minutes $130

Full body massage with the works! Extra time to work on all stubborn areas to help decrease tension, improve circulation, and help maintain balance.

60 or 90 Minutes are the most popular massage services.

Feeling a little extra? Enhance your massage with an add on!

**This does NOT add extra time to your massage session**

Aromatherapy- $10

Essential oils are infused with lotion to create a relaxed feeling by easing stress and anxiety. Pick one or two essential oil(s) that will be added to a small bottle of massage lotion and when the massage is over keep the relaxation going by taking the rest home!

Foot Bliss- $10

Help soothe and refresh your poor feet with a sugar scrub. The therapist will wrap warm towels around the feet and then apply the sugar scrub of your choosing and then finish off with a nice foot massage.

Face Spotlight- $10

De-stress with calming hot towels are placed on the face to stimulate circulation then a face lotion is applied to moisturize and relieve stress. An excellent add on to assist with sinus, headaches, and TMJ issues.

Spot Stone- $20

A smooth, water-heated stone is placed at key points of the body to help the therapist access deeper muscle layers. Warm stones are combined with massage to a specific area to help melt away muscle tension and reduce muscle pain by warming and relaxing the muscles.

Cancelation Policy: Requires 48hr advance notice or you may be charged a percentage of services booked.

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